What makes Blue Chip different?

// The Blue Chip Circuit will provide optimal college exposure specifically for the young athletes participating, and tailored to your teams needs.

// We have partnered with proprietary recruiting and exposure platforms to help bring more college coaches to each Circuit event while offering exclusive online resources.

// We won't handcuff you and your schedule for the Spring & Summer. We're only running 5 events, quality over quantity. Keeping away from event saturation.

// We have geographically created a strong calendar of events for each and every tournament to help maximize the exposure process for athletes.

// This is a REAL circuit, real time points systems and rankings, updated immediately.

// Quality competition, to showcase real talent.

// National media outlets, as well as local outlets will be on site helping further our exposure promise for the athletes. Each event will feature live streaming of games, highlights of the top performances, both in video and photo.

Got questions? Email us at info@bluechipcircuit.com